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Kundalini Yoga Classes in Leicester


Experience the transformational power that is Kundalini Yoga in the tranquil, rustic Joti Yoga cabin.  Through the practice of pranayama, asana, meditation and mantra, we deepen our connection to our authentic self and raise our vibration with divine Kundalini Shakti.

The green mandala at the centre of my logo reflects the universe, radiance, and the colour of Anahata, the heart chakra.  Joti Yoga is written in Sanskrit the ancient Indian language and repeated around the circle as a mantra is repeated in a chant.

Student Testimonials

I really enjoy the kundalini yoga sessions led by Nikki. They are well structured, interesting, and they challenge my stamina. I love the experience of chanting during meditation. This was new to me and I have found it really soothing. After the sessions I always feel great in mind and body. Thank you Nikki!

Jenny Rosenbaum

Nikki is a wonderful yoga teacher whose light and wisdom shine through. She is able to combine large amounts of intelligence, spirituality and joy into her sessions. Her enthusiasm and passion for her yoga practise and her students is very clear. She is down to earth, and makes you feel at ease throughout the class. I have really appreciated her constant encouragement to work within my body’s capabilities but also appreciate the depth and inner strength that our bodies are capable of. KY is beginning to change the relationship I have with my body-I am more confident physically and able to trust that my body and mind are working together, encouraging me to improve my strength and stamina all of the time!

Kully Gosal
‘I have been going to Nikki’s yoga classes for almost two years and I can honestly say they have been life-changing. Nikki facilitates the sessions beautifully, emphasising the restorative nature of the practice, and I truly feel that my self-perception and outlook have changed for the better. Physically, I feel much stronger and flexible. I always leave the classes feeling much calmer and grounded. I would highly recommend Nikki’s classes. Claire Hardman.’

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