Gong Sound Healing Leicester with Joti Yoga

Kundalini Yoga Classes, Leicester

Experience the deep tones of the gong and experience deep relaxation, harmony, healing, and bliss.

The Gong is a healing tool that works on multiple levels of our being through sound frequency and vibration. The gong takes you on a journey that is beyond time and space. Every gong immersion is a unique experience.

Benefits of sound healing….

  • Positively impacts emotional well being
  • Positively impacts physical well being
  • Helps the bodies’ organs to remember their functional harmony.
  • Decreases stress
  • Increases intuition and Creativity

The healing properties of Sound and how it works

The sound vibrations of the gong are transmitted through the body via the Vagus nerve, Trigeminal nerve and the Auditory nerve. The Vagus nerve is the longest cranial nerve and communicates from the brain to the stomach, and connects all of the organs in the body. The trigeminal nerve is located in the facial area, and affects the face, throat, larynx and pharynx. The Auditory nerve communicates to all of the muscle tone in the body and impacts our flexibility, vision and balance. The gong affects our physical, energetic, emotional and intuitive selves, and brings everything into union so you can experience the relationship with your whole self. Theta brain waves become more predominant which gives access to the subconscious mind where the gifts of inspiration and intuition lie.

Gong packages: Contact Nikki on 07743327102 to book

121 private Gong immersions £60 for 1 hour duration

Private small Group Gong immersions (4 people max) £60.

Give the gift of a Gong bath £60

Please note that a Gong immersion is not recommended if any of the following apply to you

  • If you have Epilepsy
  • If you have a Pacemaker fitted
  • If you are recovering from acute recent trauma
  • If you have a severe mental health condition
  • If you are Pregnant
  • Children under 14 years