Cacao Ceremonies

Kundalini Yoga Classes, Leicester

Celebrate and embrace the Earths’ seasonal changes with a ceremonial cacao ceremony, Kundalini Yoga and meditation


This ancient ritual and Plant medicine opens the heart and takes us on a journey to experience our authentic selves. Plant medicines live in harmonic balance with the earth, making them the perfect guides and teachers. A Cacao Ceremony with Kundalini Yoga and meditation is the perfect blend to awaken the divine feminine energy within and to expand your consciousness. The wisdom of Cacao speaks through intuition and meditation.

Alternative nights out and hen parties

Join with friends to raise your vibration and experience the blissful Cacao in a sacred Ceremony

Packages start from £15 per person for a group of 10 or £25 per person for a group of 6. Hosted in Leicester at the Joti Yoga outdoor space. Travel to your chosen location is an added extra.

Included in the package: Cacao ceremony, Cacao, Kundalini Yoga and meditation. 3 hours duration. Please contact us to book your Cacao Ceremony.